Time stands still on Long Beach property at the Queen Mary. An icon in the area, the Queen Mary is a cherished representation of the city. Those boarding the ship embrace the past and marvel at the classic elegance of the vessel. Once reigning over the sea the ship now waits for visitors to cross her decks and call her worthy.

Uncover the mysteries held by the Queen Mary by experiencing a guided tour. Go down below with the Steam and Steel Tour. See the workings of the ship by exploring boiler rooms, the turbo generator room, the engine room and the propeller. The Glory Days tour celebrates peak successes. This historical presentation presents a timeline of the ship’s history including her construction, maiden voyage and role in World War II.

Spirited Times Await Those Living in Long Beach

Sometimes shivers occur when standing on deck in the sunshine. With a robust and colorful history one may not be surprised to find that the Queen Mary has a reputation for being haunted. Declared by Time Magazine as one of the 10 Most Haunted Places in America, the ship draws spectators searching for spectors. Daytime ghost tours help folks increase their bravery. The Haunted Encounters tour introduces resident ghosts living in Long Beach on the Queen Mary.

Nighttime treks are not for the faint of heart. Paranormal Investigations lets guests form their own conclusions. Combine science and superstition with handheld equipment to seek out spirits. Pathways travelled head to “paranormal hot spots” including the Captain’s quarters, isolation room, wheelhouse and boiler rooms. Indulge during Dining with the Spirits. Learn the history of the ship while dining in style at Sir Winston’s Restaurant and Lounge before heading out on the haunted tour.

Festivals and special events are also fun times to be on board the ship. Toasts ring out during the annual New Year’s Eve celebration as well as during Sunday brunch in the Grand Salon. Marvel at the strength and personality of the Scottish clans overtaking the Long Beach property during February’s Scottish Festival. Hauntings are a regular occurrence with Dark Harbor in October. Festive smiles are contagious with a Queen Mary Christmas. Tickets for all tours and events can be purchased on deck at the Queen Mary ticket booth or online. Call 877.342.0752 for more information.